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NOTE: all tutorials & documentation are HTML format unless otherwise noted.

Visualization and Scientific Programming References:

  • IDL Documentation: Interactive Data Language - Visualization and scientific programming
  • Data Explorer (IBM) Documentation: A GUI based visualization tool (now open source!)
    • downloadable documentation is available here
  • GMT 3.1 Tutorial/Documentation: A freeware map making utility
  • Matlab Tutorial: A quick start guide to matlab
  • Useful Matlab Commands: Some Matlab commands that are particularly useful. Helpful when getting started in Matlab, as the on-line help assumes you know what a command is called.
  • Coding Tutorial: An introduction to how to program a computer; examples are in Matlab. From the former TA of an intro numerical methods course.
  • Introductory Programming Tips: tips and tricks for beginning programmers; oriented to the philosophy of choosing and building algorithms rather than the syntax of any particular language.
  • Unix for Science: tips and tricks for doing science in the UNIX environment; assumes working knowledge of UNIX and a command shell.

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