Course Information

Important Links

  • Class Notes & Equations Overview (PDF) - notes from class and some important equations in geothermics; updated regularly!
  • Steam Table (PDF) - based on the 1969 equations. This is the table handed out in class, and we'll use these numbers in our exercises. Newer tables available on-line from NIST if needed.
  • Ziagos & Blackwell, 1986. A model for the transient temperature effects of horizontal fluid flow in geothermal systems. Journal of Volcanology & Geothermal Research, vol 27, issues 3-4, pp 371-397.
  • Photos of Larderello geothermal field over its history
  • How a Geothermal Plant works - from Cal Energy; just ignore the error that the heat comes from magma at the core. It doesn't. It comes from cooling intrusions in the upper 10 km of the crust, and is (at most) a few to few tens percent molten at emplacement.
  • Weber River ASR Gravity Project Paper - from Geophysics, Nov-Dec 2008; special issue on 4-D/high-precision gravimetry

Presentations & Problem Sets

    25 Aug 2010 - Introduction & Newcastle Geothermal System - Dr. David Chapman - U of Utah
  • No presentation file - see Larderello photos, linked above, and class notes for summary of lecture.
  • Newcastle Exercise Materials
    13 Oct 2010 - Fall Break, no class. Enjoy the time off.
    3 Nov 2010 - Geothermal Reservoir Tracers & Fluid Geochemistry Redux
  • Geothermal Reservoir Tracers - Dr. Pete Rose - EGI
  • Fluid Geochemistry, again - Dr. Joe Moore - EGI; no presentation here as this was a review of part of the previous lecture & problem set.
  • No problem set - work on class project!
    24 Nov 2010 - Class Project Status Updates
  • No notes; Happy Thanksgiving!