"Science is bound, by the everlasting vow of honour,
to face fearlessly every problem which can be fairly presented to it."
-Sir William Thompson (a.k.a. Lord Kelvin)


Climate Change: Past, Present and Future - Eos Article

Earth's surface temperature: Past, present and future (Figure 1) and Geothermics of climate change (Figure 2) from Chapman, David S., and Davis, Michael G., 2010; Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future; Eos Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, v. 91 (37), 325 326. For more information, see here.

Global Warming - popular talks

2014 Global Warming: An Update - The 2014 updated version of Chapman's popular Global Warming talk; Originally presented as the 1998 Gould lecture.

2012 Construction of Knowledge in the Geosciences: Climate Change - Sep 2012, U Utah.

2012 Global Climate Change: Past, Present, & Future - March 2012, Park City, UT.

2010 Global Warming: More Than Hot Air (Annotated) - Updated (March 2010) & annotated version of the lecture originally presented as the 1998 Gould lecture.

2008 April 10 RMMLF - Talk given to the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, April 2008.

2007 Nov 2 AIER - Given to the American Institute of Economic Research.

2007 Oct 26 AWG - A lecture given to the Association of Women Geoscientists.

2007 Global Warming: More Than Hot Air - Updated version of the global warming lecture originally presented as the 1998 Gould lecture and later at the 2006 Stegner Symposium.

2006 Stegner Symposium - Updated and revised version of the Gould lecture on global warming given at the Stegner Symposium.

2003 Gould Lecture - An updated version of the 1998 Gould Lecture.

1998 Gould Lecture Transcript

Geothermics of Climate Change

2010 Surface Temperature Anomalies for the Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age, and 20th Century Warming Determined from Borehole Temperatures (PPT) - Presented at the Fall AGU Meeting.

2009 Communicating Climate Change: Outreach through Emigrant Pass Observatory Data (PDF) - Presented at the Fall AGU Meeting.

2009 Using Borehole Temperature Profiles to Reconstruct and Test Surface Temperature Scenarios over the Last Millenium (PPT) - Presented at the Fall AGU Meeting.

2006 CSF - Lecture on inferring past climate from borehole temperatures; this version given by Prof. Chapman to Cal State Fullerton.

Thermal Isostasy

2006 June Global Thermal Isostasy - Given by D. Hasterok at the 6th International Conference on Heat Flow and Structure of the Lithosphere in Bykov, Czech Republic, and the 2007 IUGG in Perugia, Italy.

September 2005 Thermal Isostasy of North America - D. Hasterok's Master's defense.

Precision Gravity

2011 4D Gravity at The Geysers - Paul Gettings at 2011 AGU Fall Meeting. PDF.

2011 Characterization of Geothermal Resources in Southwestern Utah - Christian Hardwick at 2011 AGU Fall meeting. PDF.

2009 Gravity Monitoring of Canal Infiltration: Results from Dutch Flats, NE (PDF) - Presented at the Fall AGU Meeting.

2009 Gravity monitoring of artificial recharge: results from the Weber River ASR project (PDF) - Compiled for the student research expo, spring 2009. Presents results published in Geophysics, Nov-Dec 2008 (Chapman et al).

2005 Gravity Monitoring of Aquifer Storage & Recovery (PPT) - Talk given at the GSA Annual Meeting by P. Gettings


2011 Imam Raharjo's Dissertation on Geophysical Signatures of Volcano-Hosted Geothermal Systems. PDF.

Spring 2004 Creation of Knowledge in the Geosciences - Given by Prof. Chapman to the Honors class on Creation of Knowledge.

Professional M.S. degree program poster (PDF) - Presented November 2009 in Washington, D.C.

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