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Emigrant Pass Observatory

GPS Equipment

Lab Equipment for Measuring Thermophysical Properties

  • dual stack divided bar aparatus with automated data logger
  • TK04 line source with automated data logger

Field Equipment

  • numerous portable high precision (mK) borehole thermister temperature loggers
  • Secondary temperature standard probe, for calibration of temperature logging equipment
  • portable automated and nearly continuous digital data logger for thermister temperature loggers
  • Scintrex CG-3M high-precision gravimeter
  • Two LaCoste & Romberg G-series meters (through Geology & Geophysics)
  • High-precision Trimble GPS survey equipment (through Geology & Geophysics)
  • Emmigrant Pass Observatory, continously running weather station located over a borehole
  • 8 lb sledge hammer, aka "The Persuader"
  • assorted coolers for cold beverages

Thermal Geophysics Group / Geology & Geophysics / University of Utah

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